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In Memoriam: Jennifer Schlaudt (1984–2023)

Dedicated to truth, goodness, and beauty

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the unexpected passing of our friend and colleague Jennifer Schlaudt on August 4 due to a medical emergency. We are thankful for her seven years of exceptional and dedicated service at HSLDA, where she rose from a part-time teaching position to become Director of the HSLDA Online Academy. Many coworkers wrote heartfelt tributes to Jenn—here are some we chose to share.

Jennifer at Yellowstone

Jennifer on a trip to Yellowstone National Park

Words from friends & coworkers

Her joyful and sincere presence will be deeply missed. While we grieve her passing, we take great comfort in the knowledge that she loved Jesus with all her heart, and she is with Him now.

Jim Mason | HSLDA President


Jennifer, I will always treasure our travel adventures and my memories of you . . . your enthusiasm for life; your dedication to truth, goodness, and beauty; your wise and honest insights. I find peace in knowing that your joy on earth pales in comparison to finally meeting our Creator face-to-face.

Anna Lorrig | HSLDA Social Media Manager


Few bosses can also be a friend, but Jennifer was both. She gave me direction and reproof when needed, but she was also a source of comfort and encouragement. I miss her, but the memory of her is a shining example of how to live. The first thing she did was listen. After hearing what we had to say, she would, like Solomon, wisely direct us in the way we should go. I wish to model Jennifer’s kindness, care, and joy.

Andrew Gonzalez | Operations Manager
HSLDA Online Academy

Jennifer was such a precious friend. She consistently displayed her love of Jesus, thoughtfulness, and sincerity through her words and actions. And did she ever have a gift for words! You are deeply missed, friend.

Lillie Schmidt | Manager of Academics &
Faculty HSLDA Online Academy


Expressing Jennifer’s presence in words is like trying to capture sunlight in a jar. I am forever touched and inspired by her ability to help me focus on the opportunity represented by every challenge. May we each continue to live out the light that the gift of knowing Jennifer sparked within us.

Janie Barbosa | Curriculum Specialist
HSLDA Online Academy


I love how fun she was—always open and willing to do something goofy for our Christmas skits. And on her serious side, she loved reading Scripture. In our Bible study group, we always picked her to read the longer passages because she read with such heart, as if telling the story and not just reading the words. I want to emulate the love and devotion she showed for Christ and others.

Anne Bittner | Compassion Grant Administrator