Homeschooling under Utah’s homeschool statute

Utah law specifically refers to homeschooling in Utah Code Ann. § 53G-6-204(2). To homeschool under this statute, you’ll need to follow these guidelines.

1. File an affidavit.

You must file a signed and notarized affidavit with your local school board for each of your children when you start homeschooling. The affidavit must contain a statement that your child will be attending a homeschool and that the parents assume sole responsibility for the education of the student, except for the portion of time the child is dual-enrolled in a public school. You can find an affidavit form for the use of HSLDA members below. After the school board receives your affidavit, you will receive an excuse certificate acknowledging your homeschool program within 30 days, and a new certificate each subsequent year by August 1. You do not need to refile your affidavit as long as you remain in that district.

2. Provide instruction to your children.

There are no required days of instruction nor required subjects for homeschoolers in Utah. The parent is solely responsible for the “selection of instructional materials and textbooks.”