In Kansas, your homeschool will be treated as a private school.

Homeschooling as a non-accredited private school

To homeschool as a non-accredited private school, you’ll need to follow these legal requirements:

1. Register your private school.

Choose a name for your school. Register the name and address with the State Board of Education and keep a copy of that registration for your personal files.

You are only legally required to register your private school's name once, when you start homeschooling.

Note: Always refer to your homeschool as a private school when dealing with officials.

2. Select competent instructors.

Your child’s teacher(s) must be “competent.” That includes you, if you are teaching your child directly.

3. Teach for the required period.

You are required to teach your child for about the same period of time as the public schools, which is usually 186 days.

4. There are no required subjects (but here’s what most schools teach).

There are no specific subject requirements in Kansas law. However, most schools teach (at a minimum):

  • reading,
  • writing,
  • arithmetic,
  • geography,
  • spelling,
  • English grammar and composition,
  • civil government,
  • United States and Kansas history,
  • patriotism and the duties of a citizen,
  • health, and
  • hygiene.

5. Plan and schedule your instruction.

The law requires that your instruction be planned and scheduled.

6. Test your student periodically.