As of 2022, Kansas law allows homeschoolers to enroll their child part-time in their local school districts. 

“(1) Each board of education of a school district shall allow any child to enroll part-time in the school district to allow the student to attend any courses, programs or services offered by the school district if the child:

  1. Is also enrolled in a nonaccredited private elementary or secondary school pursuant to K.S.A. 72-4345, and amendments thereto, or in any other private, denominational or parochial school pursuant to the provisions of subsection (a);
  2. requests to enroll part-time in the school district; and
  3. meets the age of eligibility requirements for school attendance pursuant to K.S.A. 72-3118, and amendments thereto.

(2) Each board of education of a school district shall adopt a policy regarding the part-time enrollment of students pursuant to this subsection and shall publish such policy on the school district's website. The board of education of a school district shall make a good faith attempt to accommodate scheduling requests of students enrolling in the school district pursuant to this subsection but shall not be required to make adjustments to accommodate every such request.”

Kan. Stat. § 72-3120(h)(1).

Things to keep in mind:

Public school access includes participation in public school classes, sports, activities, etc.

States use a unique vocabulary in this area: “extracurricular,” “cocurricular,” “curricular,” “interscholastic,” “program,” “activity,” etc. Care should be taken to distinguish one from another. When a state defines a word, it is important.

While athletic association rules are not “law,” public schools are generally constrained to operate within them, or their teams could be disqualified.

We strive toward keeping this information 100% up to date in this rapidly changing area of the law. However, this post should not be considered authoritative because of the possibility of unobserved changes in association rules, statutes, regulations, or case decisions, and because of lag time between changes and the publication of updates.