Compassion Grants FAQs


Compassion Grants

HSLDA offers three primary types of grants to homeschoolers.

Curriculum Grants and Disaster Relief Grants are need-based grants that we offer to families who are homeschooling through difficult times.

HSLDA also offers Annual Group Grants to registered HSLDA Discount Groups. 

Curriculum Grants are for HSLDA member families experiencing financial hardship. They may be used to help cover:

  • Curricula and materials for core academic subjects and some electives
  • Tuition for co-ops and academic classes, including online classes and dual enrollment
  • Academic testing and tutoring
  • School-related technology
  • Diagnostic testing, therapies, and specialized materials for children with special needs
  • School supplies

Grants are typically a few hundred dollars per homeschooled child, depending on your family size and circumstances.

Curriculum Grants have specific eligibility requirements and are offered at limited times throughout the year. To learn more about this grant, please read the Curriculum Grant article thoroughly to see if and when you can apply. From there, you can access the application.

Disaster Relief Grants are for homeschool families whose home or school materials have been physically damaged by a natural disaster (such as a regional flood, hurricane, wildfire, tornado, or earthquake) in the past 18 months.

Note: COVID-19 recovery is not eligible for this grant.

Grants are modest, not exceeding $500.

To learn about the eligibility requirements, please read the Disaster Relief Grant article thoroughly to make sure that your family qualifies. From there, you can access the application. 

HSLDA’s Annual Group Grants are designed to aid HSLDA Discount Groups* in the invaluable work that they do for homeschooling families. Each summer, we give out $50,000–150,000 to help Discount Groups with various projects—from creating lending libraries to hosting or attending conferences.

The grant may range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the number of families in the group, the scope of the project, the anticipated benefits, and the overall number of groups applying for grants.

Please click here to learn more about the eligibility and timeline for this grant.

Our grants are only offered to homeschooling families. To be eligible, the parent or legal guardian should:

  • be privately funding their homeschool program (as opposed to it being paid for by public funds);
  • conduct the majority of the schooling at home (as opposed to a daily drop-off co-op); and
  • have the authority to choose their child’s studies (as opposed to having the curriculum chosen by a school).

Our grants each have their own eligibility requirements and deadlines. You can click here to learn more about our available grants. Please read the requirements carefully before you apply. 

Each of our grants has a different schedule for when we accept applications.

The Curriculum Grant application is open during the following months of the year:

  • January–February
  • April–June
  • September–October

The Disaster Relief Grant is open all year.

HSLDA will email all eligible Discount Groups in March with detailed information about the Annual Group Grant, including the application and due date.

Each of our grants has its own stipulations about how the grant money can be used. You can click here to learn more about our available grants and how you may use the grant money.

We carefully review all of our grant applications to determine eligibility and need. If, after careful review, HSLDA is not able to accept your application, we will email you with a list of free resources that are accessible to you. After a year from your last application, you are welcome to apply again.

Yes, we accept grant reapplicants. However, if you’ve received a grant in the past, make sure that you’ve submitted the required grant usage and/or receipt documentation showing how you used your prior grant.

Note that even if you’ve received a Compassion Grant before, there’s a chance that the deadlines or eligibility requirements have changed. Please click here to preview the grants that we offer and read carefully through the appropriate article before reapplying.

Curriculum Grants and Annual Group Grants are only offered to members, due to limited resources. If HSLDA’s $14/month or $135/year membership dues are prohibitive for your family, please consider applying for membership financial aid. You can call our Membership Department at 540-338-5600 or email us at mfa@hslda.org for assistance.