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Alicia Leal

Alicia Leal studied Law and Philosophy in Mexico. She writes and edits English and Spanish content for HSLDA.

Resources in Spanish

Every family is beautiful and unique. Discover how homeschooling gives you the freedom to do what’s best for your child. 

Marialena Zachariah

Marialena Zachariah is a homeschool mom and bilingual representative at HSLDA, serving the Spanish-speaking homeschoolers who need translation, interpretation, and members services.

Science Group Brings STEAM to Spanish-Speaking Families

This homeschool mom wanted to make her group’s robotics and computer classes more accessible to underserved communities. A grant administered through HSLDA helped.

An Interview with Jailed Pastor's Daughter

Ruth Rigal, whose father and mother have been arrested and sentenced to prison for homescholing in Cuba, spoke about her experience on a Spanish-language radio program for Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson is a father, missionary, pastor, conference speaker, and author.

“¡Hablamos Español!

That’s right: We speak Spanish! Homeschooling continues to flourish in the Hispanic community, and we are here to help make that possible.

Tips for Teaching and Learning a Foreign Language | Ep. 22

Learn how to encourage your child to learn a foreign language at home with Karim Marino, a Spanish instructor with years of experience.

“Don’t Give Up!” Bronx Mom Fights so Son Can Thrive

When Aleily discovered her son with special needs was thriving at home, she decided to homeschool. Pressure from officials, and a dearth of Spanish-language resources, kept her stressed—until she connected with HSLDA.

Clarisa Loparo

Clarisa is a wife, mom, homeschooling teacher, entrepreneur, and high school consultant who helps HSLDA member families in their journey to home school through high school.