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How to Develop a National or Regional Homeschool Organization

HSLDA and its partners offer helpful advice on how to develop a homeschool organization in your region.

Our Related Organizations and Strategic Partners

As you get to know HSLDA, you may come across other organizations that seem to be related to us in some way. Here’s a guide to HSLDA’s relationship with these groups.

Homeschooling in Malaysia: A Vibrant Explosion

Representatives from a Malaysian homeschool organization chronicle the history of the movement and highlight current activities and growth

Donating to HSLDA

Homeschool Legal Defense Association is a 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Tips for Getting Organized for Your School Year

What’s your organizational challenge? Join HSLDA’s educational consultants as they offer tips, resources, and empowering, creative solutions to the most common homeschool-and-life organizing challenges!

What We Believe

Our Christian values inform our belief that the freedom to homeschool is for everyone and that we’re called to serve everyone. We do not require members of HSLDA to be Christian or religious, and we serve each member with care, dignity, and respect.

Who We Are

HSLDA is a non-profit advocacy organization that makes homeschooling possible by protecting homeschooling families and equipping them to provide the best educational experience for their children.

Homeschooling in Maryland under a “Church Umbrella”

Interested in homeschooling in Maryland? Click here to learn about one of your options, the “church umbrella” method!



The Art of the Home

Cultivating beauty in your home is worth the effort. 

4 Lesson Plan Detours (and Why We Took Them)

One joy of homeschooling is that you aren’t locked into something that isn’t working!  

5 Ideas for Homeschooling with Preschoolers

It may see counter-intuitive, but try giving your preschooler time and attention early in the day.

7 Tips for a Great Homeschool Graduation

It’s time to celebrate! 

Finding the Time for Priorities

“Don’t say ‘no,’ just so that you can be a little less inconvenienced. Say ‘no’ so you can say ‘yes’ to what God is putting on your heart.”

Recordkeeping Tools

How will you tell your child’s educational story? Here are a few options . . . Three-ring binders, photo albums, file folders, online recordkeeping services

Delegation: A New Approach


A Procrastinator’s Approach to School Planning

Not a type A planner? No problem! From conferences to curriculum, here are some ideas for starting the school year.

Choosing Planning Tools That Work for Me

For tracking your daily lesson plans, extracurricular activities, assignment grades—and even daily chores—here are popular recordkeeping strategies and resources used by homeschooling parents like you.

Homeschooling as a Team: 3 Dos (and 1 Don’t)

Tip: Don’t ever say this ever to your teammate. 

Four Habits from My Homeschooling

The schedule we keep and the habits we maintain dictate how we spend our lives.
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