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HSLDA Releases 'Quick Start' Guide to Homeschool in Light of COVID-19

Purcellville, March 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- March 3, 2020

Controlling Homeschoolers: New Regulations Impose State Testing

News from around the world shows that as homeschooling grows it attracts the attention of government authorities--attention that is not always positive

COVID-19: Fake News Prompts Parents to Fear Their Kids Will Be Taken

Inaccurate documents being shared online claim that officials in Oregon and California plan to take custody of children if their parents get COVID-19. This information is wrong.

California: An Update on A.B. 2756 and 2926

HSLDA President Mike Smith is discusses the legislative situation in California, including A.B. 2756 and A.B. 2926.

California: A.B. 2756 and 2926

How could pending legislation in California affect the homeschool community? Join HSLDA President Mike Smith as he talks about these two bills with Nathan Pierce, Legislative Liaison for Family Protection Ministries.

Ohio: HB 512

HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly and returning guests Melanie Elsey and Sarah Fowler explain and discuss the implications of HB 512 in Ohio.

Getting Started: Homeschooling Mid-Year

Hear HSLDA Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole, Special Needs Consultant Kristy Horner, as they discuss homeschooling and ways to get started mid-year.

How Does HSLDA View Compulsory Attendance?

Join Mike Smith and Dan Beasley as they discuss legislative attempts to lower compulsary attendance ages—and why HSLDA opposes them.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

“When CPS showed up at the door … we knew right away to call HSLDA.”

COVID-19: Guidance for Pennsylvania Parents of 2019–2020 12th Graders

With homeschool requirements changed due to COVID-19, parents of 12th graders are asking whether they must have their student evaluated prior to graduation.

COVID-19: How Missouri School Closure Impacts Homeschool Families

When Governor Parson recently ordered the closure of Missouri schools, he did not limit the closure exclusively to public schools.

Homeschooled Harvard Alumni: Excuse Me, Professor . . .

A Harvard professor wants to ban homeschooling. Harvard alumni, along with homeschooling parents, grads, and supporters, are responding with reasons why this is a bad idea.

Ohio: How you can defend homeschooling!

LIVE UPDATE: HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly and guests Sarah Fowler and Melanie Elsey discuss how Ohio homeschoolers can be involved in their state's legistlation in light of recent changes.

HSLDA to VA Supreme Court: Uphold Our Liberty

A Virginia school district admits to state supreme court justices that it planned to prosecute a homeschool family over a made-up policy.

COVID-19: Update—PA Legislature Waives Testing and Evaluation Requirements

The Pennsylvania Legislature has waived the end-of-year evaluation and testing requirements and the minimum instructional time requirements for homeschooling families this year.

COVID-19: South Dakota Homeschool Testing Requirements Waived for 2019–2020

Governor Kristi Noem waived South Dakota’s homeschool testing requirements for the 2019–2020 school year.

Homeschool Kids Propose Sweet Legislative Solution

While celebrating Alabama’s bicentennial, this homeschool class noticed the state lacked an official vegetable. So they asked their state senators to change that.

Case Dismissed: Charges Against New Homeschoolers Dropped

HSLDA sees this quite a bit: a family decides to homeschool to meet the needs of their children, and school districts who don’t understand the law try to take legal action. In fact, this happened to several families recently.

COVID-19: Tennessee Legislation Poised to Waive Certain Homeschool Requirements

This week the Tennessee Legislature passed House Bill 2818, which includes several changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Maine Gov. Waives “Days of Instruction” Requirement for Homeschoolers

Maine Governor Janet Mills issued a state-wide waiver of school attendance requirements.
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