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Yes. And it can be a great option! Whether your child has a physical or mental disability or a specific learning disability, homeschooling may be the best option to help them thrive educationally. You may not be a special education expert, but you are an expert on your child!

Check out your state’s special needs provisions to see regulations that may apply to your homeschool. And please visit our Special Needs page to access free articles and other resources. HSLDA members can contact our Special Needs Consultants for personalized guidance and support.

Is My Child Struggling with a Mild Difficulty or a Learning Disability?

If you have a struggling learner, homeschooling gives you tremendous freedom to adjust their learning experience—but how do you determine their level of need? Read on . . .

Homeschooling an Outside-the-Box Child | Ep. 13

Does your child have a learning disability or mental struggle? Be encouraged by homeschool grad Nathan Clarkson as he shares from his experiences.

6 Tips to Begin Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child

If your child was just diagnosed with a learning disability or a special need of any kind, there can be a myriad of emotions to deal with, such as shock, concern, fear, relief, anger, or sadness.

Why is learning so hard?

Is My Child Struggling with a Mild Difficulty or a Learning Disability? Try these checklists to help you understand the level of your student’s struggles and discover options for next steps.

Lifting Anchor: Preparing Students with Disabilities to Set Sail for College

Most parents are familiar with the options for their child after high school. But what if your child has a disability? Learn how to help your child with special needs thrive in college!

Knowing What Matters Most


ACT and SAT Testing Accommodations: What You Need to Know


Is My Child Ready to Read? | Ep. 21

How do you create tailored reading curriculum for your child? Hear from reading specialist and homeschool mom, Faith Berens.

Special Needs Q&A: Thinking About IQ


When Math Does Not Compute: My Journey