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Advent-ures in Reading Aloud: 6 Holiday Favorites

In our homeschool, we look forward to the coming of cold winter for reading books. Here are some holiday favorites.

Homeschooling through the Holidays? Q&A

How do parents juggle homeschooling and the holidays? Get tips and ideas for how to handle the busyness of the season, including transitioning in and out of holiday breaks, service opportunities, and more!

St. Patrick’s Day Book Round-Up

Here are some book ideas to read with your little ones! 

Philippines Celebrates How Homeschooling Has Helped During Pandemic

The national homeschool celebration was the country’s fifth in as many years. But the pandemic—which has shown how homeschooling really can be a haven for children—made it an extra special event.

Using a CODESA to challenge the BELA threat

Homeschoolers were given a new opportunity to share concerns about education legislation that could severely restrict homeschool freedom in South Africa.

5 Powerful Technology Survival Ideas for Homeschool Families

For homeschool families, the advantages of easy access to resources, support, and more is amazing compared to just a decade ago. But it’s also brought tremendous challenges for families and damage in ways we’re just beginning to understand.

Easter Joy! | Activities and Traditions

From deviled egg recipes to multi-sensory learning activities to book recommendations, here are ideas for your Easter!

Patriotic and Proud

I’m hopeful that we won’t be complacent in our present comforts but strive to better the state of those around the world still hungering for the kind of freedom we have experienced.

Military Wife and HSLDA Successfully Defend Group’s Constitutional Rights

When a homeschool group that serves Air Force families overseas lost approval to use base facilities, this mom refused to give up.

For Unto Us a Child Is Born

Give yourself grace to scale back to the essentials during some season—like welcoming a new baby to your home!