We are an Irish family, which means St. Patrick’s Day is always a big deal around here. My husband is a dual citizen with Ireland, so raising our girls with a strong understanding and love for both Ireland and the United States is deeply important to us. Although we read Irish books and Celtic stories all year long, we devote extra attention to it in March. Here are the books we’ve been reading on repeat.

1. The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day by Patricia A. Pingry

A perfect introduction to the holiday, this book explains the history behind the holiday and shares fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions, like wearing green. Explanations are simple, which makes this book great for toddlers. 

2. This is Ireland by Miroslav Sasek

As one of my favorite authors, Miroslav Sasek has a knack for capturing countries with his whimsical illustrations and beautiful descriptions. This book takes you around Ireland and introduces children to notable sites, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College Library. If you haven’t read the other books in his travel series, this is your friendly PSA to add them to your book list immediately. They serve as a beautiful way to introduce children to places around the globe.

3. S is for Shamrock: An Ireland Alphabet by Eve Bunting

B is for Blarney Stone. G is for Giant’s Causeway. R is for Riverdance. This book goes through the alphabet, explaining the history and importance behind each letter and the place or item it features. I love that this book will grow with children, as it has a simple description for smaller children, and a longer, more detailed explanation for older children.

4. Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola

This book is for anyone who hopes to answer the question, “Who was Saint Patrick?” A classic in St. Patrick’s Day collections, this one should not be missed.

5. Clever Tom and the Leprechaun by Linda Shute

This book has been around for a while, but still shouldn’t be missed. It’s a reimagined Celtic folk tale about a man who discovers a leprechaun and tries to claim his fortune.

6.  That’s What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting


What do leprechauns do? Create mischief, of course. This is a story about leprechauns, the trouble they enjoy creating for others, and the treasure they store at the end of rainbows.

7. St. Patrick’s Day by Anne Rockwell

In this story, students celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by dancing a jig, reenacting the story of St. Patrick, planting shamrocks, and making soda bread. I like this book for preschoolers as it highlights all the typical traditions of the holiday in an engaging way.

8.  Shannon and the World’s Tallest Leprechaun by Sean Callahan

This book demonstrates the benefits of boots-to-the-ground hard work. Shannon wants to win her Irish dancing competition but doesn’t think she has what it takes. She meets a leprechaun who grants wishes by teaching her the importance of working hard to achieve her dreams.

9. Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

Although not technically a St. Patrick’s Day book, this is a fun one to add to a round-up for this holiday. While learning about leprechauns and their magical pots of gold, this book about the “magical” way trees change throughout the year makes a good companion. Watch trees change with the seasons as your preschooler taps, shakes, and blows on the pages. We love interactive books!

10. St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting

One of my personal favorites on this list, this book beautifully depicts life in the Irish countryside.

11. St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons is always my favorite. This book explains the meaning behind St. Patrick’s Day traditions.

12. The Story of the Leprechaun by Katherine Tegen

A charming story about leprechauns, their mischievousness, and their magic.

Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day books or Celtic stories you love? Tell me in the comments! I’m always looking for new books to discover.


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