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Absolutely! You can start homeschooling your teen at any time—even if they have completed a few years of high school. Make sure to get a partial transcript from the public or private high school and add those classes to your student’s final transcript.

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High School & Beyond

Whether you choose to homeschool your teen for a year or two—or all the way through—it’s a big, yet often rewarding undertaking.

High School & Beyond—Special Needs

You can provide a personalized educational experience that addresses your teen’s struggles and equips them with the skills and confidence for learning and for life!

‘We’re Intended to Rely on Each Other’: Urban Homeschoolers Band Together

A Chicago homeschool group offered training for families on how to prepare their students for high school and beyond. It was designed for first-generation immigrant parents who want their children to explore all their educational and career options.

Why HSLDA Recommends Submitting a Copy of the Parent's High School Diploma in NC

HSLDA recommends that our North Carolina members submit the high school diplomas of homeschool parent instructors. Members who would like to understand our attorney's reasoning may find this memo helpful.

Transcript & Diploma: Questions & Solutions

If you are new to homeschooling, the adjustments can feel like your family’s own personal cultural shift. We're here to help you navigate it!

Online Courses: Are They Worth It?


Beyond Academics: Is Your Homeschool Teen Well-Rounded?

Are extracurricular activities important for homeschool students? What are best picks for your teen? Watch this webinar!

Enabling Parents to Foster the Love of Learning


Deschooling: Homeschooling Is a Paradigm Shift

Break out of the one-size-fits-all traditional school mindset and fully embrace the wonderful, personalized, real-life-learning world of homeschooling. Watch this webinar to learn more.

How to Start Homeschooling Midyear Q&A

Education isn’t one size fits all! Many parents are seeking a better fit for their child. Homeschooling offers freedom, flexibility, discovery, and personal mastery. It’s not too late to start homeschooling midyear! Watch this webinar to learn more.