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To My Firstborn on His Graduation

"Everyone always told me it would go by fast, and now I know for myself what they meant. You have a cap and gown, a diploma, and you have picked a college and await your dorm assignment eagerly. . . "

Planning a High School Homeschool Graduation

Our homeschool group has developed a template over the years for homeschool graduations with details on meeting dates, roles, and financial expenses. This information is kept in a master notebook that is handed down from one coordinator to the next.

More Big Questions About High School

What about life after graduation? Will my child be able to get a job, go to college, join the military, pursue a trade?

General High School Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students entering the workforce, the military, vocational schools (including tech or trade), or apprenticeship programs directly after graduating.

Will My Teen Miss Out?

Wondering if your homeschooled teen will miss out on treasured high school memories like the prom, sports, and a graduation ceremony? With planning, homeschooling can provide many of these experiences—and some new ones!

Creating My Teen’s High School Plan

Getting ready to homeschool your high schooler—or already started? Now is the best time to make a plan! By mapping out your teen’s courses ahead of time, you can stay on course all the way through graduation.

Introduction: Exploring Options, Discovering and Preparing for a Career

Homeschooling in high school doesn’t mean just getting our teens to graduation. A big part of our task is helping our students figure out what to do next after high school—and then using the high school years to prepare them.

You Can Homeschool Through High School!

Learn about homeschooling through high school, transcripts, dual-enrollment, accreditation, creating a 4-year plan, and more from HSLDA Senior Counsel Mike Donnelly, HSLDA Director of Group Services Darren Jones, and an HSLDA High School Consultant.

The Top 5 Questions About High School at Home


Choosing Curriculum: An Action Plan