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Swiss Court: Homeschooling a Privilege, Not a Right

The federal supreme court of Switzerland has ruled that homeschooling is a not a right, and that local governments may ban the practice

The State is the Parent? 2020—a Vision for Homeschool Freedom

Even as homeschooling continues to expand in the United States, around the world the movement is growing at a rapid pace and many governments are responding favorably.

Wunderlich Children Forced to go to School

Judge Blocks Emigration as Seized German Children Now Go to Government School

Norway Returning Stolen Children

Global outcry is reuniting a family ripped apart by the Norwegian government.

U.S. Immigration Opposes Asylum Decision

The United States Government Agency for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has lodged an appeal against the granting of asylum to the Romeike family.

Controlling Homeschoolers: New Regulations Impose State Testing

News from around the world shows that as homeschooling grows it attracts the attention of government authorities--attention that is not always positive

Invite Michael Donnelly to Speak at Your Event!

Mike is an attorney, writer, adjunct professor of government, and frequent media spokesperson on homeschooling, freedom, and parental rights.

Census Questions Are Coming: What to Expect

Next month the federal government will be contacting families and asking for detailed information in order to conduct the 2020 census. Here’s what to expect—and what your rights are.

COVID-19 Causes German Families to Rethink Homeschooling

A grand homeschooling experiment is underway in Germany—a country where homeschoolers have been oppressed by the government. Now, a German homeschool group is seeing an opportunity.

Children Seized in Norway, Parents Begging for Help

A Norwegian couple’s children were taken by the government because they were being raised according to Christian values. Join HSLDA in helping to re-unite the family.

Sweden May Use Police to Force Kids into School

June 14, 2017: In violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the national government is pressuring local authorities to enforce its anti-homeschooling policy.

Homeschool Mom Jailed

In Ireland, a mother was jailed in a dispute with the government, saying that she shouldn’t have to apply for permission to exercise her fundamental right to homeschool—which is explicit in the Irish Constitution.

Welsh Government Takes Aim at Homeschooling

Legislation being proposed in Wales could reverse the trend toward homeschool freedom in the United Kingdom.

Government’s Claws Dig Deeper in Johansson Case


U.S. Government Seeks to Deport German Homeschool Family

The Romeike's asylum was reversed, ordering the Romeike's to be deported. HSLDA is appealing their case to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, scheduled for April 23, 2013.

New Government Agency Established to Monitor Home Educators

Families face attempts to increase monitoring home educators by the National Education Board

Big Win for Irish Homeschoolers Curtails Growing Government Invasions

A court ruling means Irish homeschoolers no longer risk going to jail for defending their rights and protecting their children’s privacy.

Endangered welfare—or thriving child?

The school district failed to help Luke for six years, but now he’s flourishing after his mom chose to homeschool.

Virginia: Can School Districts Write Laws?


Dangerous Policy Lurks Behind Romeike Triumph

HSLDA is immensely grateful to federal officials for allowing the Romeikes to stay in America.
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