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Membership dues for a family for one year are $150. One membership covers your entire family: parents/guardians and all children of whom you are the parent or legal guardian. There are no additional charges when you consult with our attorneys or educational consultants—it’s all included in your $150 dues. For special discounts and payment options that could bring your cost down to as little as 33¢ a day, see What are my membership options?

Yes. And it can be a great option! Whether your child is physically or mentally disabled or has a specific learning disability or a learning block, homeschooling may be the best option to help them thrive educationally. You may not be a special education expert, but you are an expert on your child. You can find your state’s homeschool requirements here. And you've got lots of helpful special needs resources and support available from HSLDA’s Educational Consultants.

Yes, homeschooling families who do not reside within the United States and those who are citizens of other nations are eligible and invited to apply for membership with HSLDA.

For international members who encounter difficulties, HSLDA’s Global Outreach team is willing to provide counsel that is specific to your situation. While various factors, such as citizenship, military status, and local laws impact the methods by which HSLDA can assist you, our staff will always be committed to advocating for homeschooling freedom.

In addition to legal services, your HSLDA membership gives you unlimited access to our team of experienced K-12th grade, special needs, and gifted learner homeschool consultants. You’ll also receive discounts on products and services through our member savings program, special pricing on our @home e-vents, weekly updates and elerts, and a subscription to our bimonthly magazine, the Home School Court Report.

HSLDA understands that private therapeutic services can often add up quickly. And we know that you are committed to providing the best education possible for your child no matter the cost.

That’s why HSLDA offers Compassion Grants to homeschooling families in need of private services. You can learn more and apply for a grant here.

Other local, state, and national organizations also offer assistance to families needing help with private services for their children. If you’re an HSLDA member, feel free to reach out to our Special Needs Consultants for more information.


What Services Do HSLDA’s Special Needs Consultants Provide?

Did you know HSLDA’s Special Needs Educational Consultants offer personalized homeschool guidance to our member families? Identify your child’s learning challenges. Create an individualized Student Education Plan. Find accommodations or therapy.

The Three R’s of Homeschooling through High School

Learn the basics of homeschooling through high school with HSLDA’s consultants. Gather wisdom and practical experience with homeschool veterans.

Carol Becker

Carol Becker was an author, speaker, and team leader for HSLDA’s High School Educational Consultants from 2014-2022. She homeschooled both her children, started two homeschool co-ops, and tutored students from middle school through community college.

Tips for Getting Organized for Your School Year

What’s your organizational challenge? Join HSLDA’s educational consultants as they offer tips, resources, and empowering, creative solutions to the most common homeschool-and-life organizing challenges!

Anita Gibson

Anita Gibson is an author, speaker, and educational strategist, as well as one of HSLDA's Educational Consultants. She and her husband homeschooled their three children K–12.

Heather Frommack

Heather was the program manager for HSLDA’s Educational Consultants from 2018-2022. She is a speaker, teacher, writer, and a 19-year veteran homeschooling momma, having graduated three of her five children on to college and beyond.

Faith Berens, MEd

Faith Berens, MEd, is an educational consultant, evaluator, and reading specialist with over 15 years of teaching experience. She’s also a homeschool mom and team leader for HSLDA’s Special Needs Educational Consultants.

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Vetting college option and navigating the application process can be tricky—but HSLDA’s high school consultants are here with tips to help!

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