Heather Frommack

Heather served as HSLDA’s Director of Outreach & Educational Consulting from 2018-2022. She is a writer, speaker, and a Registered Dietitian. She is a Cultural Intelligence (CQ), DISC and Master Trainer, as well as a Learning Specialist holding a master’s degree in educational psychology. During her time at HSLDA, she integrated her knowledge of homeschooling, personality, culture, and transformative learning into her speaking to help equip, engage, and inspire participants.

Heather is a veteran homeschool leader and grateful mom to an interracial family of 3 biological and 2 internationally adopted children. She brought compassionate personal and scholarly insights into the topics of wellness, cognitive development, homeschooling through big life changes, and mental health.

Heather enjoyed helping homeschoolers and leaders effectively engage across cultures and has years of experience collaboratively leading initiatives that foster intercultural relationships. She’s voraciously curious about people and has lived, served, and traveled to more than 14 countries (and counting!).