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Homeschool students are eligible to take college entrance exams wherever the exams are offered, typically at local high schools or colleges. Your teen can register at any testing location for the SAT or ACT using the nationwide homeschool code. The CLT is an online exam, so it can be taken at home. Read more details here

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Your membership includes services that could cost you hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars elsewhere—services like attorney consultation about any homeschool question, legal representation if your homeschool is taken to court, a 24/7 hotline for emergency legal assistance, one-on-one homeschool coaching, guidance preparing transcripts and college applications, and much more.

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Yes, and often parents find that the homeschool setting allows their children to thrive! There are many resources available—from diagnostic testing and specialized curriculum to supportive or therapeutic services and more. HSLDA’s Special Needs Consultants are available to assist members with questions and support.


The More, the Merrier

As more families choose homeschooling in response to COVID-19, the key to preserving our freedom is widespread grassroots participation.

Gifts of Homeschooling: More Family Time | Ep. 84

Join Sandra Kim (HSLDA’s Media Relations Director and homeschool mom) and Kelly Edwards (from 90-Minute School Day) for a conversation about one of the gifts that comes with the homeschooling lifestyle: more family time!

Wunderlich Fact Sheet

Learn more about the Wunderlich family and their fight for homeschool freedom in Germany!

HiTouch Business Services

Special HSLDA member savings for homeschoolers: save up to 75% on copy and print orders, office and shipping supplies, and more

11 Tips for More Efficient Homeschooling Q&A

Best homeschooling tips and hacks + dinner + laundry? Get tools and encouragement from 2 seasoned homeschool mamas (10 kids, 17 kids): watch this free webinar!

Types of Homeschool Records

Which records are important? It’s more than books and grades . . . What about work samples, extracurricular activities, and days and hours of instruction?

Math Allergies? Tools for Making Math More Fun

Does math make your homeschool student—or you!—want to crawl under the couch? For simple tools and fun K-8 tips to build confidence, watch this webinar!

Vicki Bentley

Vicki Bentley is an author, speaker, educational consultant, and homeschooling veteran with more than three decades of personal and professional experience in the world of home education.

Why Is Homeschooling Growing in Australia?

Many reasons factor into the steady growth of homeschooling in Australia—from a better legal climate to more positive treatment in the media.

Homeschooling with Special Needs – Q & A

Join us to learn about IEPs, SEPs, getting started, accommodations, laws, recordkeeping, high school, and more!