Applying for ACT accommodations can be confusing and frustrating, because the process is not clearly laid out for homeschoolers on the ACT website. But HSLDA’s Special Needs Consultants have walked many members through this procedure, and we’ll take you through it here!

Step 1: Register your student for the test.

Register online here and pay the registration fee.

Depending on the accommodations you are requesting for your teen, you will sign up for either national or special testing. National testing is offered at ACT national testing centers and includes accommodations such as extended time (up to 50%), wheelchair access, seating at the front of the room, stop-the-clock breaks, and access to food and water.

Special testing is used with accommodations such as a longer time extension, testing over multiple days, a scribe, or use of alternate test formats such as braille, audio, or a reader. The testing is not done at a national test center but is instead specially arranged and proctored.

This infographic illustrates the types of accommodations offered with national and with special testing.

After your teen is registered, ACT will send you an email containing instructions for parents who are working with their child’s school to submit an accommodations request. These instructions do not apply to homeschooling parents. You do not need to forward this email or the Consent to Release Information form to any school official.

Step 2: Complete the Request for ACT-Authorized Accommodations and/or English Learner (EL) Supports form.

You can find the form here.

  • Sections E and F: Leave these sections blank if your student is not an English learner.
  • Sections G, H, and I: These three sections may be filled out by the parent or by a diagnosing professional.
  • Sections J and K: Complete these two sections only if your student needs “special testing” accommodations, such as testing in Braille, computer testing, or testing on multiple days. (See step 1.)
  • Section L: Parents can write See evaluation or have a diagnosing professional sign the form.
  • Section M: Both the parent and the student must sign.

Step 3: Complete the Exceptions Statement Form.

You can find the form here.

We suggest that you also write an exceptions statement letter providing additional explanation of the accommodations used in your homeschool program. HSLDA members can use the sample letter at the bottom of this article as a guide.

Step 4: Complete Teacher Survey Form(s).

You can find the form here.

Here is detailed information about filling out the teacher survey.

Step 5: Submit application.

Submit all of the above forms, along with required supporting documentation, to ACT recommends email submission to ensure the quickest possible response.

For a handy infographic illustrating the procedure we’ve described above, see “Requesting Accommodations and English Learner Supports: Checklist for Homeschooled Students or Examinees No Longer in School.”

Contact ACT Test Accommodations at 319-337-1332 if you have questions. And if you’re an HSLDA member, you’re welcome to connect with our Special Needs Consultants for help!