To homeschool in the Virgin Islands, you’ll need to follow these legal requirements (view full regulations here).

1. File a notice of intent.

Within 10 days of starting to homeschool, you need to file a Notice of Intent to Homeschool form with the Commissioner of Education. HSLDA members may obtain this form below. You should keep a copy for your records, and a copy of the commissioner’s acknowledgement of receipt. This form asks you to specify the total number of hours of daily instruction you plan to provide, but you don’t have to give this information.

2. Teach the required subjects.

You should cover the following basic subjects in your homeschool:

  • reading,
  • language arts,
  • math,
  • science, and
  • social studies.

It’s not clear if these are required by law. But covering them may help if you have a portfolio review, or if the validity of your homeschool program is ever challenged.

3. Submit portfolio reviews.

The Department of Education can require you to submit to two portfolio reviews each year, although the law doesn’t specify what your portfolio must include or prove.

Members of HSLDA may contact us with any specific questions about these steps—our dedicated legal team can help you understand how the law applies to your situation.

In 2016, the USVI Board of Education took steps toward adopting new regulations. However, we believe the board did not follow the prerequisite steps necessary for the proposed regulations to come into force. Therefore, we believe that only the regulations described above are currently in force. The board disagrees with our view on this. If you encounter issues with these regulations and are an HSLDA member, please contact us.