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Home School Foundation Ambassador Program

Volunteer through the HSF Ambassador Program.

Volunteer your time and talents to help fellow homeschoolers in need through the Home School Foundation’s (HSF) newest endeavor: the Ambassador Program.

The Home School Foundation’s Ambassador program is a network of dedicated volunteers all over the country making a difference at the local homeschool level, aiding families so they can continue to homeschool through hard times. Ambassadors identify, organize, and implement local service projects, such as repairing a homeschooling widow’s roof, helping a single mom with yard maintenance, or putting together backpacks of school supplies for needy homeschool children. They also organize fundraisers to benefit their state’s needy homeschooling families or to help replenish some of HSF’s funds.

Ambassador volunteers represent HSF in their communities by providing information about the Foundation to those in need, explaining the mission of the Foundation to potential donors, and providing local homeschool families with opportunities to serve each other in tangible ways.

So we can better serve your families—especially during these difficult economic times—we encourage you to identify a volunteer in your group to be a liaison between the Home School Foundation and homeschool families in need within your community, region, or state. (Designate the liaison on your Discount Group Information form, or contact

To learn more about the program and its volunteer opportunities, visit the Ambassador webpage and Facebook page.

About the Home School Foundation:

To learn more about how HSF serves homeschoolers in need, including widows and parents of special needs children, visit the Home School Foundation.

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