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Leader Support

Maybe you've been a support group leader for twenty years. Or perhaps you recently stumbled into a leadership position by default (one mom told me she was chosen as the support group leader because she had the most experience, since her daughter was going into first grade and the rest of the parents just had kindergartners!)

If you're like many homeschool leaders, you've probably got quite a collection of how-to-homeschool resources at your disposal, but—whether a veteran or a newcomer—you still end up “winging it” when it comes to homeschool leadership.

We recognize that the real experts in homeschool leadership are homeschool leaders, so this section includes experiences, procedures, examples, resources, struggles, and triumphs—for leaders, by leaders—to equip and encourage you as you serve the homeschool community.

How may we serve you?

HSLDA appreciates all you do and wants to offer the best support and service we can to you as a group leader. We welcome your suggestions, ideas, and feedback at, or contact us at (540) 338-5600.