Some features of this Group Services section are available only to our Discount Groups and Affiliates. To register for log-in access, you will need your group’s name, the zip code of the organization you represent, and the access code provided in your Discount Group or Affiliate confirmation letter or email. If you do not have this information, please contact Group Services.

Update Rewards Program

Update your Discount Group roster and contact information once a year and get free stuff!

The Details

We ask that as a Discount Group you update your online Discount Group roster and review/update your contact information (support group directory listing and HSLDA office records) once per school year (September–August). Efficiency tip: Update everything at the same time! Groups who update their roster and their contact info at least once during the school year will qualify the following October for Update Rewards.

The Rewards

To thank you for your diligence, we will send you an HSLDA membership coupon which can be used for a brand-new membership or for renewal of an existing membership. Your group leadership or the group as a whole may decide who will receive the free membership. The free membership coupons are redeemable online only at; you will receive special codes via email to redeem them.

The gift membership codes are usually emailed in November and are valid for one year. If you would like to use them for a giveaway during the coming year, you may save them to distribute later, but they must be redeemed by the one-year date, after which the code becomes invalid.

Because we understand the time and effort involved in updating your group’s roster and contact information, we will also send a small token of our appreciation to the person responsible for these tasks.

  1. How to update your Discount Group roster:

    HSLDA provides an online roster of the members of your group who are also HSLDA members. Once your Discount Group status has been approved, we will send you an email detailing where and how to access this roster. From this secure page, you will be able to add new families and remove ones who are no longer a part of your group.

    If there are no changes to be made, simply click “Submit Changes” to complete the roster update process.

    Because this is an online process, it is important that you provide a working email address for your group’s HSLDA liaison.

  2. How to update your group’s contact information:

    Go to Submit/Update Group Contact Information and follow the instructions to update both

    1. your support group directory listing (if you have one) and
    2. your contact information on file with HSLDA.

    Even if you think nothing has changed since last year, it�s important to review your information to be sure it is correct and current. Thank you so much!

If you have questions, contact HSLDA’s Group Services Director at or 540-338-5600.