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Meetings In Minutes

Welcome to Meetings in Minutes, a library of monthly meeting topics with downloadable and printable speaking outlines, handouts, and other tools for the exclusive use of our Discount Group leaders. Log-in is required for access.

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MIM Topics

Exploring Your Senses —Fun activity night for the whole family! This will need some volunteers and a bit of advance planning on their part, but Marcia provides all the activities, supplies list, and step-by-step instructions.

Finding Peace in Your Homeschool—Tips for improving personal relationships and family ties through the singing of "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs."

Hobby Night—a relatively easy meeting to plan because the families provide the teaching.

International Day—Each family represents a different country. Celebrate with food, music, costumes, and/or little-known facts about each country!

Lessons Learned” by Vicki Bentley. Activity for the last support group meeting of the year

Lesson Planning: Strategy for Success (Leader’s Guide)—You’ve heard the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Script and outline versions to help equip parents to plan for success!
Also: Handout for meeting participants >>

The Mercy Plant—A devotional that reflects upon God’s daily mercies.

Speed Mentoring” by Elizabeth Kennedy and Vicki Bentley

You Know You’re a Homeschooler When …—A devotional aimed at renewing a sense of joy.

Share Your Topics

This section is for leaders, by leaders! If you have meeting topics that have been well received, won’t you help us to share them with other leaders? We’ll edit for you as needed and acknowledge you and your group, or link to your bio and publication information if your submission is from a previously published source.

Submission Guidelines

1. The preferred format is a Word document, in 10-14 point Times New Roman or Arial font. Handouts may be in PDF format but must then be print-ready (no attribution can be added by HSLDA to a PDF). Fonts should be embedded as needed, and documents should be printable and downloadable.

2. Topic outline should include title, description, and a general script or outline for a leader to follow. Include your name and the name of your group (with web URL, if desired), plus your email address and phone number for our office to contact you with any questions or clarification.

3. If possible, include a handout to be distributed to the group, preferably 1-2 pages in grayscale or black and white. (If it is in color, it should be suitable for printing in black and white without loss of information.) This could be an outline to distribute, a list of suggested resources, inspirational piece related to the topic, or any other helpful take-away item.

4. You should be the original author of any material or credit any material that is quoted. If the quote is more than what would be considered Fair Use, you should have written permission to use. (See for more information on copyright and fair use.)

5. Submission of your topic or supplemental material constitutes permission for HSLDA to utilize it in this project and to edit as needed. You will receive a link to preview your material before it “goes live” with your name on it.

6. Submission of a topic does not guarantee its inclusion. If several participants submit similar material, we reserve the right to use only one or to combine and give joint credit. Material that is heavily edited or revised may also be attributed to HSLDA as well as to the submitting leader.

7. Submit materials for consideration to For more information, contact Vicki Bentley at 540-338-5600.

Note: If you have only one component (topic suggestion, outline, handout, resource list, inspirational piece, etc.), please consider sending anyway. It may be just the item we need to complete another Meeting in Minutes selection!