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Field Trip Guidelines

We want to be above reproach so (a) we will reflect well upon the Lord, (b) we will reflect well upon our group, (c) we will reflect well upon our families, and (d) we will represent homeschooling well so the host will invite homeschoolers back!

Be prompt, courteous, and attentive.

Parents, thank you for dressing your children in clean, neat, and appropriate clothing.Well-groomed children (and parents!) reflect well on our families/group/homeschooling. Parents, thank you for also representing homeschooling professionally. If you sign up for a trip, respect the planner and actually show up. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, funds paid by no-shows may possibly be retained (planner has discretion). Honor any restrictions and rules (stroller access, ages, dress requirements, etc.).

  • Participants should arrive at least 10-15 minutes early.
  • Use the buddy system (nobody should venture anywhere alone).
  • Students should stay with the group or parent (parents—please pay attention to your children).
  • Touch what you have permission to touch.
  • Go where you have permission to go.
  • Stay quiet when an adult/the guide is talking (parents, this includes YOU).
  • Participants should raise their hands to ask a question or speak.
  • No candy or gum. Food/snacks only in designated areas.
  • Thank the guide or host and the field trip organizer (a note is nice!).

Planning a field trip

Choose the location.
Call or visit the site/website for info:

  • Pricing
  • Group rates/payment method
  • Size limit
  • Recommended ages
  • Stroller access
  • Food facilities
  • Bathroom availability
  • Self-guided or guide provided
  • Parking for cars/vans (price?)
  • Handouts
  • Advance info to prepare students
  • Deadlines for registration/payment
  • Refund policy

Get a count of interested families/ages (OR just set /announce the date)
Announce any restrictions/age limits.

Get the event on the group calendar/page.
Keep track of names, monies paid.
Delegate leaders/helpers, as needed.
Provide info about event/facility to families.
Confirm with location the day before.
Arrange car pool / directions.
Name tags are helpful.


Arrive early and introduce yourself to host.
Get contact info for thank-you note(s).
Know where the bathrooms are.
Pay, as needed.
Review rules with group.
Introduce guide to group.
Stay at the front to guide group.
Have a helper at the back.
Guide questions, as needed.
Thank the guide afterward.