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What about testing children younger than 8 (3rd grade)?

Is my 5-, 6-, or 7-year-old ready for formal testing? What options are available?   

COVID-19: Georgia Governor Suspends Homeschool Testing Requirement

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed an executive order that modifies the standardized testing requirement for homeschooling families.

Colorado Testing and Evaluation Forms

Use these forms as instructed to submit your preferred testing and evaluation records in the state of Colorado

COVID-19: South Dakota Homeschool Testing Requirements Waived for 2019–2020

Governor Kristi Noem waived South Dakota’s homeschool testing requirements for the 2019–2020 school year.

Ohio Testing and Assessment Forms

Depending on which Ohio testing option you choose, you can use one of the forms below to report your student's annual assessment. Use these form as instructed below.

Intro to Standardized Testing


Testing & Evaluation


West Virginia Assessment and Testing Forms

Depending on which option you choose to assess your child in West Virginia, you may use one of these forms to communicate with the superintendent of your school district.

COVID-19: Has Annual Testing for Homeschoolers Changed?

Continue to comply with the legal requirements set by state law for assessments, but use the flexibility the law allows.

What You Need to Know about End-of-Year Testing

What do you need to know about end-of-year testing? Hear the answer from HSLDA Special Needs Consultant Krisa Winn.

How to Test and Assess Your Homeschooler Q&A

Watch this webinar for information on testing, assessments, where to find state requirements, testing accommodations, and more!

European Court of Human Rights Homeschool Decision Wrong Again!

January 22, 2019 : The court ruled that German authorities did not violate the Wunderlichs’ rights when they seized their four children by force for testing and evaluation.

Where Do I Start? Accommodations for Tests Like the SAT, ACT, CLT, PSAT, and AP

Does your homeschooled teen have documented learning difficulties—and struggle with formal testing? Are you concerned tests like AP, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and CLT won’t reflect your child’s true abilities? Here’s how to apply for accommodations.

Assessment Options for Young Children

Wondering, “How do I assess my young child’s learning in homeschooling?” From standardized testing to anecdotal records, portfolios, and checklists---let’s talk about the options! What’s developmentally appropriate for your child?

South Dakota District Imposes Phony Testing Deadline

Sioux Falls school district is once again inventing a deadline for submitting year-end tests.
Member Savings

Save on Initial Cognitive Testing and Consultation with LearningRx

Special HSLDA member savings for homeschoolers!

Controlling Homeschoolers: New Regulations Impose State Testing

News from around the world shows that as homeschooling grows it attracts the attention of government authorities--attention that is not always positive

Which Standardized Test and Setting Should I Choose?


What I Love (and Hate) About Achievement Tests

The pros and cons. . . 

How to Finish Your Homeschool Year: Celebrating the Wins!—Q&A

End-of-homeschool-year questions? Finishing that textbook, testing, records, or motivating kids on summer subjects? Watch this free webinar to get answers!
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