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Parenting Teens with Confidence and Joy | Ep. 51

Join Faith Berens and Connie Albers for a conversation about parenting teens in today’s world, the power of listening, encouragement for parents with a broken or hurting relationship with their teen, and more!

Every Parent is a Teacher

No matter what career path you choose, you will always be a teacher, because that’s what parenting is.

Up the Ladder of Independence

Every child climbs to adulthood at a different pace—the trick of parenting is to know when to caution and when to nudge.

Raising Free-Range Kids

What helicopter parenting is costing our kids (and what we can do about it).

Balancing Grace and Accountability in Parenting | Ep. 1

How do we set the right boundaries for our kids, and how do we respond when they cross the line? Join the discussion with Dr. Mike Kucks, college professor and homeschool dad.

The Day My Kids (Almost) Ran Away

There are often moments in parenting when you must choose how to respond to your child’s actions. Do you bring down the law? Do you give them grace? Or would they perhaps learn the best lesson by discovering the natural consequences of their actions?

Homeschooling the second time around: From student to teacher

"Something magical happens when you get involved in a homeschool organization. You get to share life with other families at a far more intimate, soul-satisfying level."

Help and healing after COVID-19 and wildfires

Because of donors who cared enough to give to the needs of those who are hurting, HSLDA was able to offer grants to Debi’s family.

Do You “Enjoy Every Moment”?

A homeschooling mom's thoughts on what it means to "Enjoy Every Moment."

Seven Rungs on the Ladder to Independence

They grow up so fast! Here are ways to process how to guide and cultivate growing independence.