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Military Homeschooling Overseas

A brief guidance on the homeschooling status of military overseas

Preparing to Enter the Military: Your Mission

Is your homeschooled teen interested in joining the military? Help them zero in on their specific military career goals and achieve their dreams.

Finding Connection through Military Relocations as a Homeschool Family | Ep. 52

Join Natalie Mack and Beverly Jacobson (retired Air Force wife, Trisomy Advocate, and mom to nine) for a conversation about finding connection even through the ups and downs of relocating as a military homeschool family.

9 Tips for Homeschooling in the Military Q&A (Oct. 21, 7:00PM ET)

Is it legal? How to connect? What about support when PCSing? Watch this free webinar to get an insider’s scoop on homeschooling in the military!

“Unaccredited” Graduate Can Still Be a Credit to Her Country

With a little assistance from a friend at the Pentagon, we helped a homeschool graduate overcome discrimination and enlist in the United States Air Force.

Scholarships and Other Resources for Military Families

Check out these scholarships and resources available to children of military service members.

Curriculum Discounts for Military Families

Generally, large curriculum distributors do not offer special discounts for military families, but independent publishers often do! Here are a few we know about . . .

Military Wife and HSLDA Successfully Defend Group’s Constitutional Rights

When a homeschool group that serves Air Force families overseas lost approval to use base facilities, this mom refused to give up.

Dad Deployed, HSLDA Helps Family Navigate False CPS Report

This military family was still unpacking when a neighbor reported them to CPS for a messy house and homeschooling.

US Military Base School Liaison Officers

Are you stationed at a US military base and needing to connect with your SLO? Browse our extensive list of contacts by location.

Military News & Updates


Resources for Military Families

At HSLDA, we want your family's homeschooling experience to be a highlight of your service. Many HSLDA members are active-duty military families, reservists, veterans, and Department of Defense civilian personnel who have found homeschooling to be a rewarding educational choice.

More Big Questions About High School

What about life after graduation? Will my child be able to get a job, go to college, join the military, pursue a trade?

Navy Drifts Away from Common Sense on Homeschool Records

Navy recruiters told a homeschool graduate he could not enlist without all his grade school records. We’re working to help the Navy correct its course on this.

Merry Christmas: Homeschoolers Welcomed into JROTC

A bipartisan effort in Congress ensures that JROTC high school programs will not turn away any homeschool students.

Hybrid Education Helps Gifted Math Student Stay Challenged

After years of struggling to stay engaged in a traditional school setting, this teen turned to homeschooling as a way of stretching himself academically.

General High School Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students entering the workforce, the military, vocational schools (including tech or trade), or apprenticeship programs directly after graduating.

High School & Beyond


Homeschool Talks


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