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Hungary for Home Education Support

HSLDA’s own Faith Berens recently traveled to Europe to encourage international homeschoolers



Professor Bartholet Wrong on International Law

At a time when over a billion children in 190 countries are suddenly schooling at home as the result of a pandemic, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet has been publicly advocating that most parents should not be allowed to homeschool.
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French Conseil d'État and HSLDA Oppose Macron’s Homeschool Ban

Hundreds of international and US homeschool groups joined in the call for Macron to retract his unconstitutional proposal.

The State is the Parent? 2020—a Vision for Homeschool Freedom

Even as homeschooling continues to expand in the United States, around the world the movement is growing at a rapid pace and many governments are responding favorably.

How to Develop a National or Regional Homeschool Organization

HSLDA and its partners offer helpful advice on how to develop a homeschool organization in your region.

HSLDA Global Services

Homeschooling families who do not reside within the United States and those who are citizens of other nations are eligible and invited to apply for membership with HSLDA. 

Homeschooling is no Threat to “Inclusion”

A new UNESCO report gives short shrift to the millions of families worldwide who find homeschooling a practical and rewarding educational option.

Military Homeschooling Overseas

A brief guidance on the homeschooling status of military overseas

Lawmakers Quietly Crack Down on Homeschooling

Germany’s antipathy toward home education seems to have infected lawmakers representing the neighboring German-speaking Community in Belgium

Swiss Court: Homeschooling a Privilege, Not a Right

The federal supreme court of Switzerland has ruled that homeschooling is a not a right, and that local governments may ban the practice

Welsh Government Takes Aim at Homeschooling

Legislation being proposed in Wales could reverse the trend toward homeschool freedom in the United Kingdom.

Trump’s Historic UN Speech Should Help Persecuted Homeschoolers

New laws in these nations have removed barriers to homeschooling, which in turn has encouraged more families to explore this exciting educational option.

Freedom Won—Lithuania Recognizes Home Education!

Lithuania is a signature away from making homeschooling legal—a momentous accomplishment that attests to the perseverance of homeschool advocates around the globe.

Swedish Family Works with HSLDA to Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

A Swedish family is appealing to a European court in order to secure their rights to homeschool.

Rising Sun, Rising Movement

Japana’s recent homeschool conference revealed how much the movement has grown—and the challenges it has yet to overcome.

Homeschooling - A New Concept in the Middle East

National parents in Kuwait have banded together to start a homeschool association, the first of its kind.

Family Forced to Return their Daughter to School

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales heard about the benefits of homeschooling and started teaching their daughter at home. They were overruled.

Authorities Legalize Homeschooling for Pilot Group

Island authorities are watching a pilot group of homeschoolers in order to support the movement and establish equitable education laws.
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