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HSLDA is an advocacy organization committed to making homeschooling possible. We defend homeschool freedom, provide legal protection to homeschool families, offer grants to homeschool families who are facing hard times, and provide educational resources and support for homeschoolers. Learn more about what we do here.

Anyone may join HSLDA to support our advocacy for advancing homeschool freedom and get access to our member benefits—such as one-on-one educational consulting, state-specific legal forms, and member discounts.

Our legal services are not guaranteed to members in every case. If you have specific questions about the cases we assist with, check out our Legal Support FAQs.


Homeschooling in Portugal, a 72-year History of Freedom!

A national advocacy group is working to restore freedom to Portugal’s homeschool laws—and promote innovative educational options.

J. Michael Smith

Mike is an attorney and homeschool movement leader with over 30 years of passionate advocacy for homeschooling families.

Who We Are

HSLDA is a non-profit advocacy organization that makes homeschooling possible by protecting homeschooling families and equipping them to provide the best educational experience for their children.

Joel Grewe

Joel Grewe serves as executive director of HSLDA Action and Generation Joshua. He is also a member of his local town council.

Career Opportunities

HSLDA is a Christian non-profit advocacy organization that equips homeschooling families to provide the best educational experience for their children. We do this by caring for each member family and protecting and securing the future of homeschooling.

Defending Homeschool Freedom—One Bill at a Time | Ep.106

HSLDA’s legislative season is in full swing! Scott Woodruff (HSLDA Director of Legal and Legislative Advocacy) gives Jim Mason (HSLDA President) the rundown on how HSLDA keeps making homeschooling possible through legislation monitoring!

HSLDA - Making homeschooling possible

Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children and to protect family freedoms.

A Look back at the Great California Homeschool Case of 2008

Professor Bartholet seems to feel that our effective advocacy has been underhanded in some way, referring to the "notorious Jonathan L. case in California." What exactly happened during that fateful case in 2008?

Homeschooling in Taiwan: A 2020 Recap

Thanks to robust grassroots advocacy which has brought about positive government policies, homeschooling is thriving in Taiwan.

Why Homeschooling Keeps Improving in West Virginia

A coalition of advocacy groups and homeschool parents who serve as legislators are working with the state education department to help increase freedom and respect for home education in a formerly unfriendly state.