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Endangered welfare—or thriving child?

The school district failed to help Luke for six years, but now he’s flourishing after his mom chose to homeschool.

Homeschooling Helps 9-year-old with Special Needs Thrive

Unyielding school administrators wouldn’t accommodate the therapy schedule of this 9-year-old with special needs.

HSLDA Asks Supporters to Send Letter to Their Superintendent Immediately

As we point out in our letter, officials at several public school districts have told homeschooling parents that if they do not provide this information their children will be considered truant.

Misinformation Run Amok In San Diego

These misrepresentations are happening because many families are transferring their children from public school to homeschooling.

Handcuffed in her kitchen—Josilyn’s story: Worcester, MA

Although Josilyn had been legally homeschooling her son since January—and she had submitted all the right paperwork—the school district marked him as truant and turned Josilyn over to DCF. HSLDA has filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Watch her story.

Suddenly truant: the problem in Worcester, MA

When this school district changed its homeschooling requirements without telling anyone, CPS started showing up at homeschooling families’ doors. Here’s how it has affected the local homeschool community. Watch their story.

What happened to Julie: Worcester, MA

Julie has been homeschooling for seven years, but the Worcester school district made this the most stressful year yet.

School to Mom: Your Child’s Special Needs Have to Wait

When a mom completed the legal steps to begin homeschooling her student with special needs, school officials said she had to wait for approval. Except they can’t do that.

“They had to make us suffer for our beliefs.”

Letter From A Guantanamo Jail

District: Actually, We Don’t Need Photos of Your Records!

Several families contacted HSLDA after a public school social worker dropped by for no specific reason and asked to photograph homeschool records with his phone.