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From Harvard Classes to Air Force ROTC—Homeschool Grad Soars

Bea Holzbach’s personalized homeschool program did more than prepare her academically. She also developed leadership skills that resulted in the Air Force offering her a college scholarship.

SLOs Are Catching a Vision for Helping Homeschool Families

The civilian personnel who should be serving as a key support to homeschooling families in the military don’t always know how. That’s where HSLDA’s Natalie Mack comes in.

HSLDA Helps Liberty University with Hispanic, Black, and Military Homeschoolers

Liberty University’s medical school hosted an outreach event to reach Hispanic, Black, and military homeschooling families. HSLDA helped the school create and solidify connections with homeschool leaders and their communities.

Homeschooled Teen Beats Odds, Earns Acceptance to West Point

Inspired by his father’s Army service, Caleb decided he wanted a military career at age 9. By middle school, he was aiming even higher. Too high, some said.

Through Multiple Deployments, Homeschooling Keeps Military Kids Anchored

Military families move three times as much as their civilian counterparts, which can make it hard for kids to stay focused. HSLDA education consultant Natalie Mack, wife of a retired Navy chaplain, explains how homeschooling helped her kids.

Finding Connection After Military Relocation| Ep. 52

Join Natalie Mack and Beverly Jacobson (retired Air Force wife, Trisomy Advocate, and mom to nine) for a conversation about finding connection even through the ups and downs of relocating as a military homeschool family.

Finding Community as a Military Homeschool Family | Ep. 83

In this episode, Natalie Mack (HSLDA Military Outreach Coordinator) and Darren Jones (HSLDA Group Services Director) discuss the importance of joining a support group as a military homeschool family, as well as how HSLDA can help you get connected!

Equipping the Military Homeschool Community | Ep. 111

Join Jim Mason (HSLDA President) and Natalie Mack (HSLDA Military Outreach) for a conversation about how HSLDA is serving homeschooled military families in many different ways.

Military Enlistment for Homeschool Students | Ep. 74

Join HSLDA’s Military Outreach Coordinator Natalie Mack and Nathan from The Homeschool Project Podcast for a discussion about everything you and your high schooler need to know about military enlistment.

Homeschooling in the Military: Strategies for Success | Ep. 63

Join Natalie Mack (HSLDA Educational Consultant) and Heather Everett, homeschool mom and military spouse, for a conversation all about success strategies for homeschooling as a military family.