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Homeschool parents can either make a transcript for their student or find a subscription service that creates a transcript for them. HSLDA has free high school transcript templates that anyone can download. We also offer a Transcript Service that comes with automatic GPA calculation, professional formatting, and 24/7 online access.

HSLDA recommends that you start creating a transcript for your student when they finish 9th grade (or whenever they finish their first high school classes) and add onto it after each additional year of high school.

There are many ways to track your child’s progress, such as report cards, transcripts, work samples, book lists, attendance records, and test scores (just to name a few). For more information on recordkeeping, click here.

Note that some state laws require that certain records be kept. You can find homeschool laws (including any recordkeeping requirements) for all 50 states and US territories on our interactive legal map.

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