One member family wants everyone to know that, based on their own daughter’s recent success, homeschooling can and will prepare students for exciting opportunities after high school.

After graduating from the family’s homeschool program in Indiana, Anna (not her real name) was accepted this fall into London’s Royal Academy of Music.

Anna will be working towards a bachelor’s degree in music performance in harp with an additional focus on conducting.

Minor Adjustment

There was a slight hiccup along the way, but our member family was prepared as they could be to immediately address the issue.

Academy admissions officers apparently were not completely familiar with Indiana homeschool law. One of the things they asked the family to submit was a letter or transcripts from a homeschool governing body.

In turn, the family asked Home School Legal Defense Association to assist.

After reviewing all of information from the Royal Academy of Music and the evidence of Anna’s educational program, my legal assistant Elisabeth and I got to work.

Pointing to the Law

We quickly prepared a letter explaining Indiana’s homeschool law. We pointed out that in the Hoosier State a homeschool program operates as a nonpublic school. There is Indiana case law dating back more than 100 years stating it doesn’t matter how many students are being educated. As long as a student is being educated in the home, it is just as much a school as any larger institution.

Our letter also documented that the family had provided Anna’s transcripts and had acknowledged her accomplishments by awarding her a high school diploma. HSLDA strongly encourages homeschool parents to document their child’s work and staunchly defends the ability of parents to verify those records.

In addition to the documentation that the family had already submitted, we sent our letter to the Royal Academy of Music. Within days Anna received word that she had been accepted!

Setting the Record Straight

Anna’s father concluded that the incident illustrates what homeschoolers can accomplish if they remain diligent.

“Keeping systematic track of a student’s homeschool records, grades, etc., plus a strong recommendation letter is vital,” he said. Doing these things, he added, “alongside the great support and backing of HSLDA will help all homeschoolers achieve their goals.”

I certainly agree! HSLDA stands ready to help homeschool graduates receive fair and lawful treatment no matter what career or educational opportunities they pursue after high school.

And for members who may need help documenting their student’s achievements during high school, our educational consultants are happy to offer guidance and prepare a plan. We even have a transcript service!