Are you feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of everyday life? Do you and your spouse want to reignite your passion for each other? Let FamilyLife help you rekindle your marriage!

Reconnect With Your Spouse

FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway gives you a chance to rediscover each other and find more intimacy in your life together.

When you arrive for the weekend, you get to step away from daily life. Cell phones are turned off. To-do lists are forgotten. Distractions are done away with. You'll enter a warm, engaging environment that's all about making progress in your marriage—and spending quality time with your spouse.

Grow and Strengthen Your Marriage

During the Weekend to Remember, you and your spouse will also learn from a team of men and women who have completed more than three decades of biblical research on what it takes to have a successful marriage and family.

The Weekend to Remember getaway is not a large counseling session, and you will not be asked to participate in small groups. Instead, you'll receive practical principles that you can take home and apply in your daily lives to strengthen your marriage.

During the weekend, you will learn how to:

  • Receive your spouse as a gift.
  • Clarify your role as a husband or wife.
  • Resolve conflict in the relationship.
  • Maintain a vital sexual connection.
  • Express forgiveness to one another.
  • Increase your commitment, creating an even deeper level of intimacy.

We want you to leave the weekend with encouragement, hope, and biblical advice to build and grow your relationship. That's why we call this a Weekend to Remember.

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