If you are homeschooling a child with special needs, you need to follow your state’s homeschool regulations. There are no additional requirements for homeschooling children with special needs.

Despite the wording of Maine statute 20-A §5021.3, the Maine Department of Education takes the position that a home instruction student cannot access special education services through a public school unless he also takes a public school class. Public schools follow the Department on this issue.

However, many Maine families who follow a homeschool-like model of education enroll their children in a REPS (Recognized as Equivalent Private School). Since a REPS is a private school, any student enrolled in a REPS has the same access to special education services as a student enrolled in any other private school.

For REPS requirements, HSLDA members can view HSLDA’s summary analysis of Maine homeschool law.

Maine special education rules are available at: 05-071 Department of Education, Chapter 101 IV. 4. (www.maine.gov)

Note: As you decide what kind of special needs services and therapy best meet your child’s needs, we want you to know that HSLDA Compassion Curriculum Grants are available to help with diagnostic services, therapy, curriculum, or other educational materials.