What if you could teach your kids a foreign language even if you don’t speak one yourself? From day one, you and your family can be talking in your dream language.

With the TalkBox.Mom program, you learn a foreign language as a family the same way you learned your first: talking as life happens!

TalkBox.Mom has over 10 languages to choose from including Spanish, French, German, Korean, and Italian.

How does TalkBox.Mom work?

Purchase your subscription to get their language guides in the mail, use their members-only app to practice with native speaker audio, and use the phrases you learn together as a family! 

They also offer other supplemental products to help your family learn the language you've chosen.

Check them out here.

HSLDA members qualify for discounts on TalkBox.Mom products and a portion of each sale is donated to HSLDA Compassion.