Anne of Green Gables fans likely remember ominous references to the “Entrance,” a test all Prince Edward Island students must pass to attend Charlottetown’s Queen’s Academy. Anne and her classmates study anxiously, with their teacher holding extra lessons for the college-bound teens. After the exam, Anne is sure she’s failed, only to learn later that she has tied for first out of the entire class. Triumphant jubilation follows.

If you’re the parent of a high schooler, do these emotions sound familiar? Though you’re likely well past your own entrance-exam years, you probably fluctuate between anxiety for your student’s futures, daydreams about their ultimate success, and questions about how to help them in the process. If your family is suddenly homeschooling because of the pandemic, this anxiety might be especially potent since teachers and guidance counselors usually provide additional assistance. Though your student’s paths to college may look unique, specific choices can help them stand out no matter where they apply.

One of the most valuable options is taking AP® classes! Now, you may be wondering what AP courses really are, or if they’re a good fit for your student. Let’s answer these questions!