HSLDA Online Academy’s interactive and biblically-based courses are tailored to fit the homeschooling lifestyle. Our courses promote teacher-guided, parent-supported, student-led learning at an affordable price. We serve thousands of students from all 50 states and several countries around the world. HSLDA members save 10% on Academy classes.

Live Classes

Online learning is at its best when courses utilize live, interactive class sessions. Live sessions keep students engaged and accountable, and allow them to build relationships with teachers and classmates.

Excellent teachers

A caring teacher is beyond price. We hire teachers who provide constructive feedback on assignments and are available outside of class to answer questions. The best teachers care about your students’ success and work hard to connect with them.


Learning online can be isolating. We have built a sense of student community into our platform. Students get to know their classmates virtually, and learning in a community makes the experience more fun.

Hybrid model

Screen saturation is a concern when it comes to online classes. No parent wants their student stuck in front of a computer for hours on end. Our online courses use a hybrid model. Students read from physical textbooks and do scratch work on paper, while assignments and grades are recorded online. This model utilizes the best of both worlds and keeps screen time to a minimum.

Parental involvement

Research shows students do their best when parents participate in their educational journey. Our courses encourage parental involvement by having parents proctor tests, monitor student grades, and remain engaged with their students’ coursework.