Some of the most common learning challenges occur in the skill set that enables children to write. These skills are spatial and visual/motor (also called grapho-motor).

Visual-motor processing challenges can prevent the process of writing from becoming automatic, which results in a child having to expend a lot of energy when they are writing. And because writing is involved in so many academic activities, that child’s learning is then affected across many subjects.

Often, parents and other adults will notice that a student with visual/motor processing struggles appears lazy, uncooperative, or unmotivated—which may just be outwards signs of deep inner frustration.

If your child exhibits a number of the symptoms in the checklist below, it may indicate this type of struggle. In that case, getting a more formal evaluation and learning how to incorporate specific resources in your child’s homeschool could make a world of difference in your child’s ability to learn and their confidence that they can learn!