As adults and even young children increase their internet and device usage, it's becoming more difficult for parents to protect their families from the harmful influences of porn.

Many programs offer filtering but do not provide accountability or support to individuals who are struggling. Covenant Eyes offers both.

Screen Accountability

Covenant Eyes' Screen Accountability records the websites you visit, the search terms you use, and the YouTube videos you watch and supplies your accountability partner with a report of your internet browsing. An unlimited number of accountability partners can be chosen to receive reports at no extra cost.

Accountability reports are fully customizable, so if your accountability partner only wants to see the highly mature sites you visited, or wants to see what times of day you were online, they can adjust it to meet those needs. Every website visited is assigned an age-based rating, making it easy to spot when somebody has visited an inappropriate website.

Internet Filtering

For extra protection, Covenant Eyes also offers optional Blocking to prevent exposure to inappropriate material. The Blocking service filters out inappropriate web content based on age-appropriateness and can be customized to block or allow certain websites, or block the internet completely at certain times of day.

Covenant Eyes can be installed on multiple devices at no extra cost. As long as you're signed into the Covenant Eyes software, your internet activity, including blocked sites, will be combined into a single accountability report for each user.

Accountability and Blocking available for Windows®, Mac®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, iPad®, and Android.

HSLDA members receive a $2/month discount on Covenant Eyes.