The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is a rapidly growing alternative to the SAT/ACT, designed for a traditional approach to education well suited to homeschool and independently educated students.

  • Non-Common Core
    The CLT is not based on a specific curriculum or the public school Common Core standards, so it is able to provide the most accurate assessment of homeschool students' knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • College Acceptance
    CLT is recognized by colleges across the country, many of whom seek to have homeschool students attend their institution. The current list includes highly-regarded evangelical, Catholic, and liberal arts institutions such as Franciscan University, Hillsdale College, Liberty University, and Patrick Henry College.
  • Scholarships
    In addition to accepting the CLT as a college entrance exam, many colleges and universities offer scholarships based on CLT results. The 9th and 10th grade CLT assessment, the CLT10, is also tied with a $2,500 scholarship for the top 1% of students. The CLT10 is free and can be taken at home. Learn more and register here.

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