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Rhode Island Legal Analysis

A detailed analysis of Rhode Island’s homeschool law.

Rhode Island Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Rhode Island school your child is currently attending.

The Importance of Recordkeeping in Rhode Island

Here are the records you need to keep for your homeschool in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Notice of Intent

Fill out this form and mail it to the superintendent of your Rhode Island school district before beginning your homeschool program each year.

Rhode Island Homeschool Laws

Questions about how to homeschool in Rhode Island? Start here for a quick overview: homeschooling laws & requirements, compulsory attendance ages, withdrawal, access to sports & special ed. services, recordkeeping, work permits, jury duty . . .

Jury Duty Laws in Rhode Island

Here’s what Rhode Island law says about jury duty exemptions for homeschool parents.

Compulsory School Age in Rhode Island

Here’s when you need to start following Rhode Island’s compulsory school law for each of your children.

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Rhode Island

Here’s what Rhode Island law says about homeschool students’ access to public school classes or services.

Child Labor and Work Permit Laws in Rhode Island

Homeschooling? Here’s what you should know about Rhode Island’s child labor laws and work permit requirements.

How to Comply with Rhode Island’s Homeschool Law

Are you considering homeschooling your child? You can do it! As you get started, it’s important to make sure you comply with the education laws where you live. This page helps you understand how to homeschool legally in Rhode Island—step-by-step.