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A Homeschool Researcher Responds to Harvard Professor’s Criticism

The purpose of this paper is to place in context and evaluate the efforts of many of those who negatively criticize homeschooling, homeschool researchers, or particular research studies on parent-led home-based education.

Alaska Study Criticizes Homeschooling But Doesn’t Study Homeschoolers

Can homeschool policies be based on public school correspondence test results? HSLDA Dir. of Research Steven Duvall discusses this as he reviews a recent study of Alaska student test scores by Chelsea McCracken and Rachel Coleman. Read our summary.

Homeschooling Continues to Grow in 2021

Research shows homeschooling continues to grow, and that there are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool.

Why Will Parents Likely Continue to Homeschool During the 2021-22 School Year?

Research shows a growing number of parents are concerned about learning disruptions caused by the pandemic and controversial curriculum being promoted by some private and public schools.

Child Psychologist to Lead Homeschool Research

In August, Steven Duvall, PhD, joined Home School Legal Defense Association’s team as our new director of research.

Students Fell Behind During Pandemic. Homeschooling Can Help Them Catch Up

Research shows that learning disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic were hard on traditionally schooled students. Many of them fells months behind. But studies also show how homeschooling and parental involvement can help kids catch up.

Researcher: Studies Hint at Parents Sticking with Homeschooling

Studies show safety and curriculum are some of the top reasons families may choose to continue homeschooling post-pandemic. HSLDA’s director of research provides details in a new paper.

Invite Dr. Steve Duvall to Speak at Your Event!

Steve is a licensed/certified school psychologist in three states. He served as a public school psychologist and taught at the university level for a combined 40 years before joining HSLDA as the director of research.

Homeschooling Helps Adolescents Avoid Sleep Deprivation

A study shows that homeschooling benefits high school students in a crucial health area—getting enough sleep.

Beyond the Research: An International Homeschooling Q&A

We asked Mike Donnelly to comment on Harvard’s June 10 webinar on international homeschooling in light of his experience as global outreach director for Home School Legal Defense Association.

Federal Report: Homeschooling Doubled in Last 20 Years

The NCES says more Americans are homeschooling for more reasons than ever before.

The Great Spaget Project

When was spaghetti invented? Why, I’m glad you asked! 

Harvard Panelist: Homeschooling Does Not Endanger Children

Harvard’s June 3 panel considered whether homeschooling puts children at any greater risk of harm. Two researchers discussed findings from the latest research.

Child Rights, Child Protection, and Education

In this episode of Homeschool Talks, HSLDA Vice President Jim Mason talks with Dr. Peter Gray—an education researcher, writer, and professor of psychology.

Tutors? Co-ops? Private Schools? Better Check Your State Laws.

It's best to research before outsourcing your homeschooling.

Investigating Four-Year Colleges and Universities

There are over 2,000 accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States! How do you and your teen sort through them all? We’ll show you how!

In Defense of Homeschooling: Writers Respond to Harvard Prof's Call for a Ban

Harvard graduates, journalists, researchers, advocates, and other friends of homeschooling pointed out how Bartholet’s views mischaracterize the movement and threaten freedom.

The Old Roots of New Year’s Day

A question about New Year's turned into a homeschool research project to discover the interesting history of the day.

Has Homeschooling Doubled? Harvard Panel Debates Growth

Last week’s Harvard Summit raised questions about the way researchers measured homeschooling growth during COVID-19. These stats are important—and for more reasons than one.

Census Data Shows Phenomenal Homeschool Growth

Here’s a sneak peek into HSLDA Research Director Steven Duvall's upcoming journal article looking deeper into the data to learn more about this growth—and understand why.
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