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Advent-ures in Reading Aloud: 6 Holiday Favorites

In our homeschool, we look forward to the coming of cold winter for reading books. Here are some holiday favorites.

Four Ways to Help Kids Read 40 Books a Year

You may find that reading alongside your kids is both encouraging and the most re-charging part of your day!

Reading Lists for Teens

Wondering what books to assign? Here are some ideas! 

Reading, Writing, and Rhyming: 3 Fun Word Games

On long road trips, these three word games can keep kids entertained.

Introducing Carolyn Bales to the Blog!

I Like to Do a Little Reading in My Off-Duty

2 Ways to Squeeze in Book Discussions with Kids

Reading and discussing books with your kids can still be possible with a busy schedule.

Read-Alouds Are for Big Kids Too

Reading aloud has so many benefits, as this homeschooling mom shares! Here's how she fits reading time into their homeschool day.

Invite Faith Berens to Speak at Your Event!

Faith is an educational consultant, evaluator, and reading specialist with over 15 years of teaching experience.
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Save 50% on Reading & Math Programs from Reading Eggs

Special HSLDA member savings for homeschoolers!

The Book is Better

What happens when a book purist becomes a mother. . . 

Book Review: Margaret and the Moon

A cute, must-read (true) children’s book about how Margaret Hamilton helped NASA send people to the moon!

5 Books That Totally Reinforce What I Was Thinking About Homeschooling Anyway

I’ve spent this school year poking around with the Charlotte Mason and classical educational philosophies . . .

Is My Child Ready to Read?

How do you create tailored reading curriculum for your child? Hear from reading specialist and homeschool mom, Faith Berens.

Very Newbery Memories: Book Recommendations

A fun list of Newbery books to read out loud with your family.

16 Spring-Themed Read-Alouds for Little Ones

Here are 16 delightful, spring-themed read-alouds you can read with your preschooler, reviewed by a homeschool mama!

Your Kid Can Read 40 Chapter Books in a School Year (Yes, They Can!)

And why it’s worth it.

St. Patrick’s Day Book Round-Up

Here are some book ideas to read with your little ones! 

6 Games that Make Learning Fun

If you’re looking for fun and educational gifts, you’ve come to the right place! 

Winter Book Round-up

Here are some book ideas to read with your little ones this winter season! 

6 Valentine's Day Books for Your Preschooler

While there are many other fun and popular Valentine’s Day preschool books, these are the ones we’ve been reading on repeat all month long.
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