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Homeschooling in Maryland under a “Church Umbrella”

Interested in homeschooling in Maryland? Click here to learn about one of your options, the “church umbrella” method!

Maryland Legal Analysis

A detailed analysis of Maryland’s homeschool law.

Maryland "Church Umbrella" Memo

HSLDA members interested in homeschooling under the "Church Umbrella" option in Maryland may find this memo from our attorneys helpful.

Maryland Annual Verification Forms

In Maryland, parents must verify they will continue to homeschool their children. Use one of these forms to verify with the proper authority that you will continue to homeschool.

Special Education Provisions for Maryland

Special education provisions for homeschooled students in Maryland.

Maryland Notice of Consent Form

This Maryland notice of consent form needs to be filled out once for each child, 15 days before the beginning of the child's home school program.

Barrier To Law Enforcement Job Removed

A homeschool graduate seeking a law enforcement job in southern Maryland hit a roadblock. We helped clear the path.

Maryland Exemption Request Form

If you live in Maryland and wish to exempt your 5-year-old child from mandatory school attendance for one year, you may choose to submit this form to your local school superintendent.

Maryland Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Maryland school your child is currently attending.

The Importance of Recordkeeping in Maryland

Here are the records you need to keep for your homeschool in Maryland.

Compulsory School Age in Maryland

Here’s when you need to start following Maryland’s compulsory school law for each of your children.

Jury Duty Laws in Maryland

Here’s what Maryland law says about jury duty exemptions for homeschool parents.

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Maryland

Here’s what Maryland law says about homeschool students’ access to public school classes or services.

Child Labor and Work Permit Laws in Maryland

Homeschooling? Here’s what you should know about Maryland’s child labor laws and work permit requirements.

How to Withdraw Your Child from School in Maryland

How to withdraw your child from their current school in Maryland and start homeschooling them.

How to Comply with Maryland’s Homeschool Law

Are you considering homeschooling your child? You can do it! As you get started, it’s important to make sure you comply with the education laws where you live. This page helps you understand how to homeschool legally in Maryland—step-by-step.

Maryland: Of Umbrellas, Portfolios, and an Unnecessary Form

If you are filing your notice to homeschool in Carroll County this fall, you can probably ignore the special form they supplied.

Sorry, Officials: If It Isn’t Parent-Directed, It Isn’t Homeschooling

A public school district in Maryland is promoting its distance learning as a type of homeschooling—only better. Here’s why the district’s claims are wrong.

Baltimore: “Homeschooling Starts in Public School.” ?!?

A family newly arrived in Maryland notified their school district that they were homeschooling. They were flummoxed by the district’s response.

Maryland Homeschool Laws

Questions about how to homeschool in Maryland? Start here for a quick overview: homeschooling laws & requirements, compulsory attendance ages, withdrawal, access to sports & special ed. services, recordkeeping, work permits, jury duty . . .
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