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Each of our grants has its own stipulations about how the grant money can be used. You can click here to learn more about our available grants and how you may use the grant money.

Our grants each have their own eligibility requirements and deadlines. You can click here to learn more about our available grants. Please read the requirements carefully before you apply. 

That’s OK! Not every schoolteacher teaches every subject. For the elementary grades, textbooks with teacher’s guides will give you the structure and the teaching tools that you need to teach subjects you’re unfamiliar with.

When your child reaches high school, you can call on subject specialists to help you out! Think about reaching out to your friends, family, faith community, homeschool groups, local networks, and online communities to for help with tutoring your teen, grading essays, or answering questions. You can also have your high schooler take outside courses at a co-op, community college, or online.

For an added boost to your confidence, keep in mind that homeschooling melds two of the strongest predictors of academic achievement: parental involvement and one-on-one learning.

Yes, we accept grant reapplicants. However, if you’ve received a grant in the past, make sure that you’ve submitted the required grant usage and/or receipt documentation showing how you used your prior grant.

Note that even if you’ve received a Compassion Grant before, there’s a chance that the deadlines or eligibility requirements have changed. Please click here to preview the grants that we offer and read carefully through the appropriate article before reapplying.


HSLDA Guest Author

People who have information to offer the homeschooling community!

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Germany’s antipathy toward home education seems to have infected lawmakers representing the neighboring German-speaking Community in Belgium

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This homeschool graduate wanted to serve his community by fighting fires and helping the injured. But when he applied for a city’s firefighter training, a hiring clerk said his homeschool diploma disqualified him.

“Homeschooling in Brazil Is a Fact. It’s Not Going Away.”

As the Brazilian supreme court prepares to rule on a high-profile case involving home education, the homeschool community in Brazil is not only flourishing—it’s growing.