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12 Ways to Create Community and Love Our Neighbors

From picking up groceries for a neighbor to writing an encouraging card, here are some ideas for cultivating community

Cultivating Social Skills with 20-Sided Dice

How a game can encourage communication skills and community.

Past Winners of Our Teen Servant Leadership Award

This award recognizes homeschooled teens for exemplary community service. Read about past winners and nominate a teen you know.

How do you cultivate community for you and your kids?

As a homeschooling parent, do you run out of time to make or connect with friends? Here are creative, accessible, intentional everyday ways to find and nurture community and support for you—and for your kids!

Community College (and Other Alternative Routes to College Credit)

Have you considered community college for your teen? It can form an affordable bridge from high school to a four-year

Girl Scout Blazes Path of Community Service, Academic Success

17-year-old homeschooler Zena made a lineup of academic and extracurricular activities—then shared them with others!

Average to Strong College Prep Plan

This sample high school plan would be appropriate for students entering community college or applying to most four-year colleges and universities.

The Safety Principles: The Homeschool Parent's Guide

Licensed Professional Counselor Stephanie Adams shares practical steps and resources to help prevent or respond to sexual abuse situations.

Lawmakers Quietly Crack Down on Homeschooling

Germany’s antipathy toward home education seems to have infected lawmakers representing the neighboring German-speaking Community in Belgium

Sisters Embrace New Family Tradition as Professional Musicians

A budding string trio composed of homeschooled sisters is charting a new musical course for their family and community.

Invite Carol Becker to Speak at Your Event!

Carol is an educational consultant with experience running homeschool co-ops and tutoring students from middle school through community college.

Homeschooling: Connecting & Finding Support

Want to get connected and find support as a new homeschooling family? If you're seeking support as a parent, looking for friendships for your kids, needing in-person meetups, or searching for an online community, get answers and creative ideas here!

“Homeschooling in Brazil Is a Fact. It’s Not Going Away.”

As the Brazilian supreme court prepares to rule on a high-profile case involving home education, the homeschool community in Brazil is not only flourishing—it’s growing

Invite LaNissir James to Speak at Your Event!

LaNissir James is a mother of seven beautiful homeschooled children (five girls and two boys) aged toddler to young adult and a homeschool leader with a passion to serve the home-educating community.

Don’t Go It Alone! Support for Special Needs Homeschooling

Homeschooling children with special needs—it’s rewarding, but can be exhausting . . . and sometimes lonely. Feeling isolated? Please know that you are not alone! Here are some great tips to connect with caring community and support.

Homeschool Family’s Christmas Concert a Gift to the Community

What started as a concert in their basement is now a much-loved event that draws thousands and raises money for charity.

Debbie Needed Legal Help and a Community. She Got Both.

When a 16-year-old asked her guardian to homeschool her, neither one expected to wind up in court.



Introducing Jessica Cole to the Blog!

"I had seen firsthand that homeschooling works, and I knew without a doubt that it was what I wanted for my children. But . . . I was also very aware of the fact that this was not going to be as easy as my parents had made it look."

Nomination Information for the Servant Leadership Award

Read the award eligibility information to find out if you can nominate that special teen you have in mind.
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