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Yes! Homeschool students have proven themselves in colleges and universities for decades. Most admissions officers are familiar with homeschooling, and many institutions even post homeschool admission policies on their websites.

You can maximize your student’s chances of acceptance by visiting college websites, understanding their high school credit requirements, and incorporating these into your student’s high school program.

Colleges want focused and motivated students who love learning. With well-kept records and competitive college entrance test scores, homeschooled applicants are generally welcome at postsecondary schools.

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Teaching your teen at home can feel overwhelming! Just know that you don’t have to be an experienced teacher for your student to excel. High school is an opportunity for you to support your student and learn alongside them. When you’re not confident in a particular subject, you can always use resources such as local tutors, online courses, homeschool co-ops, or dual enrollment (in which your student earns high school and college credit simultaneously).

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