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Texas Statement of Assurance

Per Texas homeschool law, use this form to provide assurance that the five subjects delineated in Leeper (reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and the study of good citizenship) are being taught.

Formulario de Texas: “Statement of Assurance”

Utilice este formulario como se indica a continuación.

Tom Sanders, Esq.

Tom Sanders is an attorney, homeschool advocate, and veteran homeschool dad.

Texas Homeschooling Memo

This is a brief memo describing the legal history of homeschooling in Texas.

HSLDA Helps Texas Family Win Standoff over Prize-winning Steer

A Texas teen switched back to homeschooling in order to pursue his passions on his family’s 900-acre ranch. But officials’ misunderstanding of his decision nearly cost him a chance to enter his prize-winning steer in the local livestock show.

‘I Felt Betrayed’: Employer Demands Grad Resign Or Be Fired

This Texas homeschool graduate was looking forward to making a career out of his new job as a correctional officer. Then state auditors said he wasn’t qualified. But had they even looked at the law?

James R. Mason, Esq.

Jim Mason, Esq., is an attorney, litigator, and homeschooling dad who has helped HSLDA win a number of landmark cases establishing and protecting homeschool freedom.

Darren Jones, Esq.

Darren is a litigation attorney, homeschooling dad, and homeschool graduate who helps HSLDA member families resolve legal difficulties related to homeschooling.

Texas Withdrawal Form

You can use this form to follow the withdrawal procedure of the Texas school your child is currently attending.

Formulario de retiro de Texas

Puede utilizar este formulario para seguir el procedimiento de Texsa para retirar a su estudiante de la escuela a la cual asiste actualmente.