Darren Jones, Esq.

Senior Counsel and Director of Group Services

Darren Jones has worked at HSLDA since 1996, first as a legal assistant and then as an attorney in various capacities. He spends his time at the office:

20% talking to members in legal difficulties, persuading them that it’s not as bad as it could be and HSLDA has got their back

60% advising homeschool group leaders about everything from crafting statements of faith (he prefers the Nicene Creed) to designing policies to protect children at co-ops

10% writing legal briefs (and wondering how in the world documents of 30 pages can possibly be called “brief”)

10% keeping HSLDA and its sister organizations in compliance with the charitable solicitation laws of way too many competing jurisdictions

100% advocating for the fundamental right of parents to direct the education of their children

Darren and his wife Sara homeschool as a team and have graduated the oldest two of their four children. He enjoys board games, teaching Sunday school, and speaking at homeschool conferences around the country.

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