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Virginia Religious Exemption to Immunization Form

This form is for Virginia homeschool families who have a religious objection to the state immunization laws.

Jury Duty Laws in Virginia

Here’s what Virginia law says about jury duty exemptions for homeschool parents.

Leyes sobre el servicio de jurado en Virginia

Esto es lo que dice la ley en Virginia sobre exenciones del servicio de jurado para padres que educan en casa.

Chesapeake Demands Your Curriculum—Maybe

Chesapeake, Virginia public schools based their confusing demand on what they wanted, not what the law says.

Homeschooling Not A Probation Violation

We defended a family’s right to choose the best education for their teen.

Hiked the Grand Canyon. Explored Machu Picchu. Battled Wildfires. Homeschooled.

Tucker Fisher’s parents decided to homeschool him to help protect his compromised immune system. His love for exploring the great outdoors led to adventures on four continents and a promising career path.

Aspiring Forestry Student Encounters Unfriendly Ecosystem: College Admissions

Just before he left to study ecosystems in Ecuador, a homeschool graduate had his application to college held up by a misunderstanding. HSLDA helped clear the way.

Virginia Certified Tutor Letter

Virginia residents may fill out this letter and mail it "CERTIFIED MAIL/RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED" to the superintendent of your school district.

Carta de tutor certificado de Virginia

Utilice este formulario como se indica a continuación.

Virginia Sample Letter of Exemption from Kindergarten

If you live in Virginia, you may send this letter to the county school board and waive the requirement that you file a notice of intent for your 5-year-old.